Advantage from Briquette

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 coconut shell charcoal briquette from Indonesia that named coco jawa
 coconut shell charcoal briquette 

 Advantage from Briquette

Coconut shell charcoal briquette that we produce, made ​​from coconuts choice to produce Briquettes with the best quality.As known, coconut shell charcoal briquette has several functions, such as for burning shisha, for BBQ burning and for Boiler burning. Therefore, we make coconut shell charcoal Briquettes have several advantages, such as:

• Do not smoke and no smell
• Does not contain sulfur such as coal that is safe for health
• Easy lit, and lit longer
• More environmentally friendly
• How to use fairly simple: the same as regular charcoal
• Suitable for household, restorant, home industry, etc.
• Available in packaging: 10 kg or 20 kg masterbox
• Quantity available: 150 Ton / Week
• Price: negoitation for the purchase of large quantities
• Payment: Cash

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