Utilization of coconuts

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Coconut shell charcoal briquette

Utilization of coconuts

Indonesia is one country that is an important producer of coconuts in the world .
 Palm plantation area in the year 2000 amounted to 3.76 million ha , with total production estimated at 14 billion coconuts , which most ( 95 % ) is a people's plantations . Coconut has an important role and value both in terms of economic and socio-cultural aspects .

Utilization of the coconut is generally only limited to the fruit to be copra , and coconut oil for domestic use , while the other byproducts such as coconut shells has not been so much exploited . The weight of the shell reaches 12 % of the weight of the coconut fruit . Thus , if the average production of coconuts per year amounted to 5.6 million tons , it means that there are about 672 thousand tons of shells produced . The potential of such a large shell production has not been fully utilized for productive activities that can increase the value added.

One of the products made from coconut shell charcoal which is the manufacturing process will then be processed into charcoal briquettes . So shell charcoal is the raw material for charcoal briquette industry . Making charcoal is not much to do , but the potential for raw materials , the use and potential of the market is still quite large .

Therefore , we established PT.Nuraira Forward Together to utilize coconut shells that had been discarded by useless. PT Nuraria Forward Together is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of coir fiber / coconut fiber , coco peat and its by products from coconut in Indonesia . We have large quantity of coir fiber / coconut fiber for immediate shipment . Currently , we have several factories in Java and Sumatra .

With the increasing number of requests from all over the world , so we plan to increase our production capacity at the plant to meet those needs . Of course we still manufacture of products with the best quality coconuts .

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