Coco Fiber

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Coco Fiber

Coco / Coconut Fiber from coconut
Coco Fiber

Coco fiber is a product produced from coconut fruit has been taken and cleaned in order to get a high quality fiber. Coco fiber is widely used as a growing media and plants for the purpose of the car seat. The need for coco fiber grew in number along with the increasing number of car sales.
For the sake of customer satisfaction, we only make coco fiber is high quality. Most of our products are intended to meet the needs of overseas buyers. They use coco fiber to make car seats. The use of coco fiber for the manufacture of the car seat, it is more advantageous than using foam. Because of this, car seat makers prefer to use coco fiber than any other material. Inexpensive, easily available, eco-friendly, recyclable are some advantages of coco fiber.Coconut tree which is the raw material for coco fibers found in many areas throughout Indonesia . So we need not fear a shortage of raw materials manufacture of coco fiber .
Coconut tree is a magical tree . All parts can be used for the benefit of man . The fruit , stems , branches can be utilized for the benefit of man .
Planting coconut trees more lucrative than other plant species . So , many people who started planting coconut trees on a large scale .

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