Our Product


Our Product

We make and sell products made from coconuts. Some of them are coconut fiber, coconut shell charcoal, coconut shell charcoal briquettes, liquid smoke, and others. Everything is made to meet the public demand for products derived from natural ingredients. The products we produce, has been recognized by the public as the product with the best quality. That is why we can exist until today.
Some examples of products produced by our company :

1.Coco Fiber/ Coconut Fiber or in world trade is known as Coir fiber, Coir Yarn, Coir Mats and Rugs, is 
   a product of coconut husk processing
Coco Fiber or coconut fiber
Coconut Fiber

 2.Coco Peat 
    Byproducts of processing coconut fiber, in the form of granules of coconut coir, known as Coco Peat
    Coco Peat properties that can withstand water and chemical element content of fertilizers, and can 
    neutralize soil acidity makes this byproduct has a high economic value. Coco Peat can also be used as a 
    medium for plant growth media horticulture and greenhouse plants are now being popular with the public.

3.Coconut Shell charcoal
    One of the products made from coconut shell is coconut shell charcoal is the next process will be 
    processed into coconut shell charcoal briquettes. So coconut shell charcoal is the raw material for
    making coconut shell charcoal briquettes.

Coconut shell Charcoal, made from coconut shell
Coconut Shell Charcoal

4. Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette
    Coconut shell charcoal briquette is usually used for shisha / hookah (arabic cigarette) or it could be for      filtering drinking water.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette

5. Liquid Smoke
    Liquid smoke is a fluid produced from coconut shell charcoal burning with certain techniques that can       be utilized by the community. One of the functions of the liquid smoke is as a food preservative.

Liquid smoke from coconuts
Liquid  smoke